Links of Last Week

Continuing what I started last week, I’m going to share a few of the most interesting things that I found over this past week via social media. If you follow my Facebook page, Pinterest boards, or Twitter feed, you may have seen them already. If you’re anything like me and are just wading in the waters of this whole technological network, you may have missed something that you’re quite interested in! If so, this is for you.

First, how brilliant is this graphic? I found it through The Natural Parent Magazine. Click to enlarge.


My friend Phillip, who is the kind of inspiring, kind, and eternally optimistic person who makes you better just by being around, is continuing a birthday tradition he started for himself last year: Paying It Forward Day. In honor of his birthday last year, he asked his friends (who then asked their friends, and so on, outward until 3,000 people were reached) to do something nice for someone else and then share the story with him. Not only did it make Phillip’s day, it made the day of countless others. It was awesome to watch the stories roll in. This year he’s hoping to make it an even bigger event, so please tell your friends and mark your calendar for August 5th.

From the lovely and talented Rebecca Woolf, I am in awe of another relevant and insightful post: The Ballad of Clingy Smalls (and other songs).

“It’s totally normal,” my pediatrician told me.

“It’s totally normal,” the Internet explained.

But it wasn’t normal in my house so I worried. My other kids weren’t like this. Am I doing something wrong? Is this because I wasn’t there for her in the beginning? Am I a horrible person to be SO FRUSTRATED WITH HER RIGHT NOW?

Recently we were out doing errands and I was wearing Revi (because I kind of had to) and someone asked if I was an “Attachment Parent.”

“A what?”

“Are you into Attachment Parenting?”

“I mean… I’m just holding my kid.”

I’m just holding my kid.

Another talented mama, Superhero Andrea Scher, shared a blog post that spoke to me: The Mama Monster. I so appreciate her honesty.

But in those moments, when the mama monster comes out, it’s never really about the beans. It’s always about the exhaustion and the bills. The overwhelm and the worry. The filthy house and having to make dinner again. (Seriously? Dinner again?)

The trying to get it right and always falling short.

From the Early Math section of my Pinterest account, two great activities for home or school!

  • Timed LEGO Building Similar in concept to a game of Pictionary, this sounds like so much fun that I want to get started on it myself.
  • Learn About Symmetry A really lovely idea about inviting children to explore the concept of symmetry with mirrors and tessellating blocks. I could be lost in that kind of play for hours.

On the subject of play, a fantastic and comprehensive piece on Why Kids Should Play With Dolls.

I really enjoyed this Scientific Rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, aimed at getting girls involved in science and technology.

Finally, two outstanding videos to make you stand up and cheer for different reasons:

  1. We Use This Word So Often We Probably Don’t Realize We’re Saying It, but who knew it could hurt so much?
  2. Problem-Solving With a Baby, from the wonderful Lisa Sunbury. Make sure to read her post, Trusting Baby to Be a Problem-Solver.

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